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為什麼選擇進修香港大學的佛學輔導碩士課程?Why I want to take MBC in HKU? Master of Buddhist Counselling

Dear sir,

I am Sophie Wong graduated in PGDE in HKU in 2014 and Master of Chinese in 2017 in CUHK. This study of ‘Fundamental Teachings of Buddhism (4 credits) ’in The Buddha-Dharma Centre of Hong Kong Ltd (BDCHK) gives me a deeper insight in Buddhist Study which helps my life transformation so much. Since that, I am going express the reason why I decide to take another Master’s Degree in Master of Buddhist Counselling at Hong Kong University.

I was born in grass-roots village family in Tung Chung. Both my mum and day are taking depression medicine. My parents divorced when I was 10. Although I was raised by my mother, my mother who kept finding partners made me felt angry and not being loved(I did not know that it is the lesson for life learning) . We had a serious family issue before I went to University. Luckily, I am an outgoing, active happy girl with the love of many teachers in my life. At the age of 17, one of my compositions was awarded so that I had a chance to join a ‘Life Education Camp’ organized by Hong Kong Education University in Taiwan, which really helped me to have a deeper insight into life issues. At that time, I determinedly decide to be a life worker. From my deep heart, I want to help people to find the meaning of life(and Now I know life is meaningless depends on how we define it). After that, with the help of a district councilor and social worker, I lived in University Hall during my whole study period with full grant loan and started to teach with finically independent.

After graduation, I became a college teacher and I continued my master’s study at CUHK. I love Chinese and Confucianism so much. It helps me to know myself better and how to be a good person in life. Although I love teaching very much, my body felt stressed with the curriculum and administration work in school. After that, I turned around to the financial field, but I found that money cannot give people happiness. Anyway, I did not give up teaching. At the same time, I kept going to Taiwan every month to learn Waldorf Education `Philosophy. I have finished the Certificate of Integrated Montessori Teaching Method in HKUSPACE(12h) as well. I know the importance of education so I keep trying new methods to change.

I went back to the music teaching freelance job starting since I was 18. I started to find what is the meaning of life and what is true happiness. I love reading and writing. Apart from Confucianism learned in B.A, PGDE and M.A, I studied and practiced Vipassana Meditation, Yoga Philosophy, Waldorf Philosophy, Tea Art, ‘A Course in Miracles’, Hypnotherapy, Tuning Fork Therapy, Singing Bowl Therapy, and Buddhist Study in 2018-2020 in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the Bahamas. I even went to Tu Hieu Pogada in Vietnam to find the path of Thích Nhất Hạnh in Dec 2019. Moreover, I founded ‘ The Peace One’ and ‘ Guzhengguqin.com’ to offer music sound therapy to clients. Since 2019, my husband who also is a therapist and Vipassana practitioner and I have helped around 100 cases. I also have helped thousands of students to have a deeper look at life through language and music teaching in my life. The relationship between me and my mother and father is totally changed from suffering to love and care. I feel released and thankful. Finally(till now), I found the Buddhist Study with Counselling is the path that I would like to devote, to help myself and all the people from the world.

I am grateful to have a full grant loan to reach the University Level of Study and Exchanges in university life, which enhance my knowledge to serve human beings in the world. I sincerely hope to take the Master of Buddhist Counselling at Hong Kong University. I would like to equip my Buddhist Study and the skill of counseling, and even the philosophy of the meaning of life, in order to offer maturer service to human beings in Hong Kong and the world. I promise to devote my life to serve.

Happy New Year!

Yours Sincerely,
Sophie Wong

22 Dec 2020

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Why choosing to take the Master of Buddhist Counselling in HKU? 為什麼選擇進修香港大學的佛學輔導碩士課程?


覺醒自己 放下無知的自己




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佛學分享完成✅人生中第一個佛學報告,與大家分享《雜阿含經·六入處如實知》305 |2020靜修年修行成果和困難


此段經文提出人對六入處的色:眼、耳、鼻、舌、身、 意,生起苦、樂、不苦不樂的感受,因無明對之執著便 束縛了身心,生了愛和貪,令人輪迴於來世的生老病死。

對比,人對六入處如是觀,對苦樂和不苦不樂的感受不 沾染,便脫離束縛,身心便不會疲苦,生老病死憂悲惱苦便皆滅盡,得解脫。



修行者分為未得定和心定兩種。未得定的修 行者還是會受感受、世俗、現法和後法雜染, 是愚蠢者,受貪愛和嗔恨的苦所束縛,即使不苦不樂也受愚愛等隨眠煩惱束縛。

而心定修行者如實了知,無我相,有正見,能斷 欲達無欲,菩提分圓滿。心定的境界是已知、已斷、已證、已修。

我的修行感想: 四念住和慈悲觀

– 觀:身、受、心、法 – 慈悲地作意,祝福眾生:連接眾生,感受到愛心 – 成果:心的靜息律低了;輕安

– 初期:很多心理和外境問題都不是問題了,改變了看的眼光

– 初嚐清明夢,開始能看到自己的思想和夢境

– 每天早上讀經1小時,靜坐內觀1小時,晚上5-15分鐘,坐不住就抄經 – 面對的困難:掉舉、昏沈、散亂(大煩惱)、貪、嗔、癡、我-》自責、氣餒

– 解決方法:繼續練習;上課程多聞佛法;詢問老師;同修互勉

– 生活中練習捨離:多吃素、不買衣服、放下以前執著的夢想和目標

我的修行感想: 八正道

– 守基本五戒對我而言難度不大,但守嚴謹的五戒就很難,例如不妄言 – 修行正見、正語、正思維,是基礎。


– 希望自己繼續正精進,保持正念,檢討世間工作是否符合正命和正業。


– 過度修行,修習法門過多,產生混亂:內觀、梅村、瑜珈、奇蹟課程、不同哲學家和心裡學家書籍

– 產生法執 :



– 覺得人生很無聊,唯有繼續修行,但又不想出家,花花世界也精彩神奇

– 靈性教義常常與世間普世價值相反,無所適從

– 解決方法:2020和2021都是我的靜修年:辭退了多份考試制度下的教育工作,每天專注聞思修 – 繼續報讀佛學進修的課程,最重要是落實在生活裡實修,誠實面對自己

– 兩年沒生病;原生家庭被療癒;婚姻幸福 – 教育和療癒工作:生命影響生命

– 覺察力和洞察力提高 – 平等心提高 – 慈悲心提高

– 心更閒,從工作狂到人生旅客,感覺節省生命輪迴的時間




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